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  why do people abandon their blogs?


have you ever been reading a blog for a few days, weeks, months or years only to visit one day and discover the blog has either been deleted or abandoned?


why do people abandon or delete their blogs?


there are many possible reasons:


* accidental (forgets to keep blog updated frequently, is no longer interested in the blog topic, didn't lik

e the blog platform and moves on to try another)


* personal (not good at writing, not getting any traffic or comments, etc.)


* professional (boss commands them to quit blogging, gets a job and has no time to blog, cannot figure out how to use a blog in a business manner)


but if the blog owner leaves no explanation for this and no goodbye, readers are

left to wonder and worry endlessly about what happened. 

or maybe they just shrug it off and move on to other blogs.


what, if any, are the ethics and/or responsibilities involved here?


is it simply a blog author's prerogative to stop blogging without notice anytime he or she wishes?



how responsible is a blogger to their audience?



how responsible is a blog reader to a blog author?


If you like a certain blog, make friends with the blogger, and then later they abandon their blog, and do not respond to emails, should you be worried? Contact the police? Make a missing persons report? Google their name and search for an obituary? What are you ethically obligated to do in this situation?


what do you think?


this wiki will be an ongoing discussion of this phenomenon and will include links to abandoned blogs in addition to examples of blogging farewell letters.




WHAT YOU CAN DO right now



{1)  ~~ if you know the email address, email those bloggers and ask if they're okay.




2    after you email us a request



for a FREE password ...




 ...make a New Page with URLS and blog titles and blogger names


of those blogs that have vanished.


Blogs in your blogroll, for example.




Or suspected drop-outs and fade aways.



Paste in their "farewell to blogging" posts, if they had the courtesy to leave one.







steven [dot] streight [at] gmail


[dot] com (icbo)ok

























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